Conference to Examine the Future of Geothermal Energy being held in Kilkenny

The Geothermal Association of Ireland (GAI) will host a major conference to examine ways of increasing the use of geothermal energy across industry, and in the built environment, on Wednesday, 13th November in the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny.  

Offering the keynote address at the conference will be one of the UK’s leading geothermal industry experts, Robin Curtis of GeoScience Limited.  During his address, Robin will examine what ‘sustainability’ really means in terms of renewable energy sources.  He will also look at the role of government supports and subsidies for the industry, and will argue that – based on his UK-experience – geothermal companies would have benefited more from investment in education and awareness, rather than incentives to promote renewable heating sources.

During the GAI conference, the winner of the Brecan Mooney Installation of the Year for Non-domestic Systems will be announced.  This competition – now in its second year – is aimed at promoting best-practice and excellence in the installation and operation of geothermal energy transfer systems.

Speaking ahead of the conference, John Burgess, Chairman of the Geothermal Association of Ireland said: “As some green shoots emerge in the construction sector, home-builders and industry should consider the options available through geothermal energy supplies.  With non-renewable energy costs soaring, a longer-term view needs to be taken when it comes to choosing heating and cooling systems for homes and industry alike.

“Apart from long-term savings, geothermal energy systems can exceed the minimum threshold (as required by building regulations) for  renewable energy contributions to new dwellings, while at the same time capitalising on the increasingly ‘green’ electricity supply that  is coming from wind power generation. With the advent of smart energy metering and controls, geothermal energy transfer solutions will play a major role in weaning our housing stock off oil and LPG fired heating systems.

“Through the Brecan Mooney Installation of the Year competitions, we are identifying and promoting successful geothermal installations for all to see. The owners of these highly efficient installations are the best promoters of this technology. For those interested in learning more, the Newpark Hotel is the place to be on Wednesday 13th November,” he added.

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