Online Toolkit for Builders and Retrofitters is Launched at Ireland’s first ‘Open Doors Days’ for Near Zero Energy Buildings

SustainCo (Sustainable Energy For Rural Communities) online toolkit was launched this weekend at Ireland’s first ‘Open Doors Days’ for near zero energy rated buildings.  The ‘Open Doors Days’ event saw a huge numbers pioneering low energy homes and buildings  all over the Ireland open their doors to the public.

Visitors to homes and buildings were also given information on the SustainCo Toolkit which gives practical information to self builders and renovators on all aspects on how to build or retrofit to the best possible energy standards. The toolkit includes guides on insulation, building fabric, air tightness, lighting and electricity.  It also offers financial guidance for those taking on such projects.

The toolkit is part of the SustainCo project which is funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.  The project’s main aim is to raise awareness of and support the development of low energy building projects.  It also showcases the new builds and renovation projects that have led the way.

Under EU rules, every new public building must be designed to ‘near zero energy standards’ from 2019.  All other new buildings will have to comply with this from 2021. Alexandra Hamilton, Energy Engineer at Tipperary Energy Agency said “We see the SustainCo Toolkit as a one stop shop where self builders and renovators will find all the practical information they need for building a low energy building. We launched SustainCo at the open Doors Days as it is relevant to anyone seeking to build to a high energy standard.  The Open Doors event proved to be an excellent opportunity for people to see the finished projects firsthand, talk to the homeowner and go home with the toolkits to help them in their retrofitting or building project’.

You can access the SustainCo toolkits on  If you have any specific energy queries about your building or retrofit project you can email for advice.