Dawn Meats wins international sustainability award

Dawn Meats’ hard work in achieving an ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management has been rewarded as the company was crowned winners of the “Best Short Term Energy and Carbon Management” category at the 2Degrees Sustainability Champions Awards 2013, at Lord’s Cricket Ground inLondon. 

Dawn Meats is certified for Environmental Management in five sites throughout the UKand Irelandby leading ISO Certification bodyCertification Europe. In each of the sites it employs technology that was developed by NASA. This advanced heating system reclaims energy from boilers and uses this to heat water, resulting in thermal energy reductions, helping save energy, money and the environment.

Charlie Coakley, Dawn Meats Environmental Sustainability Manager said “It is an honour to be recognised by our peers in sustainability. The award is testament to the on-going work by our sustainability teams across our business”.

This award has recognised and rewarded Dawn Meats for their continual hard work, pushing boundaries to develop a truly sustainable business model with as small an environmental impact as possible. Executing this innovative, sustainable initiative has delivered efficiencies within the operations of the business itself and brought real value to the 2Degrees community.

2Degrees is one of the world’s largest online networks of sustainability professionals. These awards are specially selected and voted for by 32,000 members of the 2degrees community, recognising best practice sustainability across all business sectors.