€60,000 + a year Civil Servants will be subjected to pay cuts

Public servants earning over €60,000 a year will be subjected to pay cuts under proposals being discussed at talks on extending the Croke Park Agreement as reported by RTE.

Sources close to the talks confirmed the €60,000 threshold is on the table and said that any pay reductions would be progressive, hitting the highest paid public servants hardest.

The percentage pay cuts have not yet been decided.

Some unions said that will be a political decision.

There are multiple strands to the current discussions.

The focus currently is on negotiations about issues that apply across the entire public sector, including pay cuts for the higher paid, additional working hours, and increments.

It is hoped that by tomorrow those key cross-sectoral issues will be progressed significantly.

In addition, talks are continuing at sectoral level to look at what kind of savings and reforms can be secured in health, education, justice, the civil service and State agencies.

Those negotiations are expected to intensify over the weekend once the central issues are clarified.

Meanwhile, the 24/7 Frontline Alliance – representing around 70,000 nurses, gardaí and other emergency personnel – remains opposed to any reductions in premium payments for working nights and weekends which account for a significant portion of their earnings.

The Garda Representative Association will “turn off the tap of goodwill” by refusing to use personal mobile phones, laptops or cars for work tomorrow.

The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has said it will mount a similar protest from next week.

The Frontline Alliance is also mounting an intensive campaign of lobbying politicians against the proposed cuts. Source: RTE.