Disability rights campaigner Gerry Maguire MBE is enhancing his knowledge of people’s toileting needs through personal experience.

Gerry has cerebral palsy, works part-time for his local Health Trust, and plays a major role in Northern Ireland championing the needs of disabled people who make up 20% of the province’s population- work which has been recognized through his award of an MBE*. Now, he has added toileting needs to his agenda, partly as a result of his own experience, having a Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita ‘wash and dry’ toilet being installed under a Disabled Facilities Grant at his Enniskillen home. The Clos-o-Mat, which looks just like a conventional WC, features integral douche and drying facilities, all operated by simple hand or body pressure on the flush lever.

When the lever is pressed, the unit flushes and simultaneously automatically warm-water washes the user, then dries him or her through its built-in warm air drying facility.  Full details are available on the company’s website www.clos-o-mat.com.