Sealant specialist Geocel is relaunching a new improved version of one of the most popular Dow Corning sealants on the market, 794.

The new sealant, known as Dow Corning 799 boasts all of the qualities which have made 794 the market’s favourite glazing and curtain walling sealant, but with some improved characteristics to make it even better.  Specifiers, applicators and professional tradesmen have trusted Dow Corning 794 since its launch in the 1980s for its excellent, consistent quality. Its newly formulated replacement, Dow Corning 799, will continue to meet the toughest specifications but with a number of significant improvements including improved and advanced adhesion to PVCu.   The new Dow Corning 799 is a one part, neutral curing clear sealant that is ideal for use with polycarbonate sheeting and as a perimeter pointing sealant for door and window frames since it demonstrates excellent adhesion to the majority of porous and non-porous substrates. Because Dow Corning 799 has excellent weathering characteristics – including resistance to ozone, UV radiation and temperature extremes- and guaranteed no slumping it will give a long lasting and high quality finish to any glazing application and will not experience any of the discolouration, or “yellowing” issues common with many clear sealants.

Its impressive movement capability means new Dow Corning 799 offers ± 50% joint movement capability, allowing for the expansion and contraction of glazing substrates and enabling it to cope with a wide variety of applications especially since it cures tack free in just two hours. It conforms to BS5889 Type A, the British Standard for low modulus silicone sealants.  Geocel combines a wealth of innovative technical and manufacturing expertise with a strong commitment to quality in sealants and adhesives.

This is matched with the experience and excellence of Dow Corning in its field of silicone technology. For more details  contact: – Annette Lewis, Geocel Ltd, Tel: 0044 1752 202060, e-mail: