Kährs has launched its first exclusive collection of wood floors from the new Supreme Range.

Featuring a stunning traditional plank design, the new 20mm Oak Grande Collection is offered in dimensions previously not available in a modern multi-layered format.  It includes a variety of styles and colour variations, for the most ambitious interior designs; all options are crafted from the finest sustainable Oak, using modern eco-friendly methods, whilst also providing Kährs high performance. Introduction of two further Supreme collections – the new one-strip Avenue, and Tapis and Croix-patterned Elegance collections, plus Kährs new Artisan Collection will follow.

Striking both in scale and beauty, floors from the Grande Collection measure 2800mm long by 260mm wide and have a thickness of 20mm.  Eight different finishes span the colour spectrum, from blue/silver toned Grande Maison to ebony toned Grande Imperial, with each group receiving an individual surface treatment to enhance the timber’s grain and tactility.

Bespoke methods including handscraping, surface smoking, black/white washing and brushing are used in combination with a range of different stains and natural oil treatments to create a collection of floors which will lift any interior. All floors throughout the Collection feature an eco-friendly construction; crafted from sustainable Oak, Kährs original multi-layered construction uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below. Whilst it can be refurbished in exactly the same way as a solid floor, its criss-cross build has additional performance as well as eco benefits, including 75% greater stability.  All floors are also offered with a 30-year guarantee.

For more information, please contact Kährs (UK) Ltd on tel. 023 9245 3045, email sales@kahrs.co.uk or visit www.kahrs.co.uk.