Glan Agua becomes Glanua announcing 250 new jobs

BHSL, the Irish company behind a series of acquisitions in the water and wastewater sector and the parent company of Glan Agua, is rebranding to Glanua and is announcing the creation of 250 new jobs.

The newly formulated Glanua Group LTD will be headquartered in Loughrea, Co Galway and specialise in delivering innovative and sustainable engineering solutions to design, build and maintain critical water and wastewater infrastructure across Ireland and the UK.

Glanua is now seeking to fill 100 new roles in the environmental and engineering sectors and plans to add another 150 staff over the next five years as it is well-positioned to capitalise on the increased importance of sustainability and the emerging benefits of the circular economy. Glanua has experienced significant growth in recent years and already employs 320 people across the Group.

Its clients include Uisce Éireann, Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, Northern Irish Water, Kerry Group, Glanbia and ABP. Total revenue in Glanua amounted to €97m in 2022 and is projected to increase to €150m this year.

Limerick-based BHSL, now Glanua Group LTD, was the holding company for Glan Agua Ireland, Glan Agua UK, Hydro International and MEIC. Under the new rebranded and integrated identity, these companies have been renamed to Glanua Ireland, Glanua UK, Glanua Industrial and Glanua Civils respectively.

Glanua provides innovative and turnkey engineering solutions in the environmental, waste and energy sectors. It works with local authorities and private clients in the food and pharmaceutical sectors in several countries to deliver award-winning water and wastewater solutions.

It also provides advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal, commercial and industrial clients to guarantee environmental compliance, future-proof key infrastructure and support them in meeting their sustainability goals, including the achievement of Net Zero.

Karl Zimmerer, Managing Director of Glanua Group, said: “We are excited to reveal our rebrand to Glanua Group and to announce our plans to hire more staff. This new brand is a key part of an internal integration process that will ensure we continue to supply our clients in Ireland, the UK and across the world with innovative and sustainable engineering solutions for their water and wastewater needs.”

“We look forward to continuing to grow the group through strategic investments in further acquisitions, increased synergies, the sharing of our in-house expertise and the recruitment of talented staff to work alongside our high-performing and dedicated employees. We have set ambitious targets and we are confident we can achieve them, working together from our new and expanding group headquarters in Loughrea. We are actively seeking to fill 100 engineering and environmental roles and we expect to expand significantly in the coming years. This is the start of a new chapter for Glanua and it is a positive development for Loughrea, for Galway and for Ireland’s ambition to be a lead country in the provision of sustainable and critical engineering solutions.”

Paul Gardner, Director of UK and Group Development at Glanua said: “The timing couldn’t be better for our rebrand as we embark on an ambitious growth trajectory. Our municipal clients are working to comply with stringent environmental regulations and fulfil their commitments to achieve Net Zero by 2030. It is anticipated that this will lead to record investment over the coming years and so this is a key focus for the group.”

“Water companies are increasingly seeking to unlock the value from waste (bioresource) to create greater economic and environmental value. Glanua is well-positioned to offer innovative technology and turnkey solutions to ensure the ambitions of our clients are achieved.”

“Similarly, our industrial clients are increasingly seeking to reduce their environmental footprint to achieve sustainability development goals and we will assist them by providing the latest technologies for water re-use and advanced waste treatments.”

Ann Mahony, Marketing and Communications Manager at Glanua said: “This rebranding creates a cohesive and unified brand that reflects who we are and what we stand for and one that will resonate with all our employees, customers, supply chain partners, and stakeholders.”

“We believe it reflects our commitment to deliver sustainable and innovative technology and engineering solutions and we are confident that it will help us differentiate ourselves in the market and attract new employees, clients and partners. The rebranding process involved building on the strength and reputation of the Glan Agua name. Glanua combines the Irish words for clean (Glan) and new (nua) to represent our ambition to continuously evolve as an innovative engineering company.”

Pictured above: Karl Zimmerer, Managing Director of Glanua Group.

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