Designing and constructing more energy-efficient buildings with Soprema’s PAVATEX insulation

PAVATEX is a sustainable wood-fibre thermal insulation from Soprema and is well-known for its excellent thermal performance and heat storage capacity, superior breathability moisture control and good acoustic properties.

Suitable for insulating the complete building envelope, including pitched roofs, EWI, internal walls and floors, the PAVATEX wood-fibre insulation range is perfectly suited for sustainability-driven and future-thinking circular construction projects and to achieve PassivHaus requirements.

PAVATEX insulation helps to solve several issues, including thermal insulation in the winter and heat protection in the summer. Due to PAVATEX’s properties, the building stays warm in winter and cool in the summer, preventing overheating and helping to maintain the perfect indoor climate all year round, leading to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly structures, which offer occupants/building owners greater comfort and lower energy bills (heating/air conditioning).

PAVATEX is also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly insulation option. PAVATEX’s EPD indicates that the insulation has a minimal carbon footprint thanks to its manufacturing process. PAVATEX natural insulation is made from residual material from sawmills – waste wood chips, which are collected, glued with a resin adhesive and pressed into panels, using dry process. The insulation does not contain any harmful or hazardous substances and can be recycled or composted at the end of its life.

Why choose Soprema

With over 115 years of experience supplying the global construction industry, clients can rely on Soprema to provide them with complete waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing, airtightness and roof garden solutions. Soprema supplies high-quality, robust, bespoke and fully compatible full system build-ups and offer exceptional technical service and support throughout the project, from design development, detailed design, and calculations to site quality control and ancillary BCAR sign-off.

Soprema’s in-house team can support with the design calculations, including u-value and condensation risk analyses, wind uplift and wind load calculations, tapered insulation schemes and detailed design drawings, incorporating our solutions, giving our clients complete peace of mind. Soprema strongly believes every project is unique and always recommends the most suitable solution, depending on the project’s specific needs and requirements.

Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more about PAVATEX ISOLAIR MULTI natural wood-fibre insulation, you can visit their website or contact the technical experts.

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