Government Facilitates Extension to Commencement Notices

Minister for Planning and Local Government Peter Burke has signed the Building Control (Commencement Notices) (Residential and Childcare Services Construction) Regulations 2021. There have been a significant number of valid Commencement Notices (CNs) submitted to Building Control Authorities over recent months which could not commence during the period of Covid restrictions.

There are over 4,400 dwellings associated with the valid commencement notices to which these Regulations will apply, according to Minister Burke, and the regulations signed today allow a person to commence these works without submitting a new Commencement Notice, provided that the works commence not later than 26 April 2021.

“In the normal course of events, commencement notices need to be submitted not less than 14 days before building can start on a site.  However, enforcing this requirement would further delay the beginning of residential construction projects beyond 12 April 2021,” stated Minister Burke.

“In light of the urgent need to get back to building houses as soon as possible, and the announcement by the Taoiseach signalling a phased easing of COVID restrictions, I have taken the decision to implement regulations waiving the requirement for the resubmission of valid commencement notices. This will ensure that our construction industry stands ready to return to work and we can recommence both the public and private building of homes as soon as possible.”

In addition, early learning and childcare and school-aged childcare services will be added to the list of essential services for construction activity during these restrictions to align with the current exemption to primary and secondary schools (where school building projects are progressing) and to allow important fire safety works to progress. These measures will continue up to 4 May 2021, at which point the full re-opening of construction activity will be considered.