Aengus Consulting launched to Deliver Smarter Infrastructure Projects

Aengus Consulting is a new Irish consultancy established to advise on improving construction project delivery. Founded by PJ Rudden former RPS Director and a former President of Engineers Ireland, the new firm will assist both public and private sectors “to build better into the future.”

“Ireland is now challenged to deliver major infrastructure projects to meet the demands of future population growth, in terms of housing and associated support services. The next generation of projects in Project 2040 will have to be smarter in terms of innovation, circular economy, climate proofing, digital planning design and construction. We have to learn from the mistakes of the past,” stated PJ Rudden.

“Cost overruns often derive from low budget estimation and tendering as a result of the lack of planning and collaboration between clients and contractors in terms of contract conditions. Better public communications are needed at all stages of the infrastructure cycle from planning through design, procurement and construction.  Projects are experiencing programme delays by inadequate or late stakeholder consultations, some of which fail to connect in everyday language with the project audience. Many necessary projects completely fail in this respect.”

“We now need to place both clients and stakeholders at the centre of projects so they can have a shared participation in project outcomes. We need to manage public expectations better with regard to the unavoidable temporary disruption which infrastructure provision can necessarily cause,” concludes Rudden.

PJ Rudden is a chartered engineer who has led the delivery of many major national projects over the past 35 years. He can be contacted through the company website