Gaeltec Utilities awarded Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer Standard

Kilkenny Based Gaeltec Utilities has been awarded the Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer Standard in recognition of its continuing professional development strategy.

Established in 2003, Gaeltec Utilities is a leading firm in the global energy and telecommunications sector and employs over 300 staff at its Kilkenny based headquarters.  CPD has played a crucial role in the successful growth and expansion of the organisation with its employees delivering major engineering projects across Ireland and mainland Europe.

Most notably, the specialist firm recently delivered the first ever privately built 220 kV substation and grid connection on the island of Ireland for a tech giant and was also involved in the construction of the largest offshore wind farm development in the world for Ørsted (formerly Dong Energy), off the east coast of England.

With employees at the heart of the organisation and their greatest asset according to Declan Wynne, Executive Director of Gaeltec Utilities, the organisation sees CPD as the foundation platform for staff and the organisation to develop collectively.

Commenting on achieving the CPD Accredited Standard, Declan Wynne, Executive Director of Gaeltec Utilities, said:  “The entire Gaeltec team is absolutely thrilled to have obtained this accreditation. Our employees are our greatest asset, and through our commitment to excellence, we have heavily invested in the training and the development of staff.  Through this investment, it is hugely important to have a professional and internationally recognised framework such as that of the Engineers Ireland CPD Accreditation Standard to manage the function of continual professional development in our organisation.

“This accreditation was one of the corporate objectives set for this period and we firmly believe it will sustain a controlled and integrated platform for developing existing staff and attracting new talent to the business. Our 2023 Strategic Plan is well defined, and the growth strategy is exciting.  This decade will see continual change within our business, as the sector focuses on ambitious renewable targets by 2030, working towards a carbon natural position. We are already immersed in digital transformation, the rollout of telecommunication connectivity and the development of a smart integrated electricity system that is linked to a European Super Grid.  Gaeltec will hopefully play a key role in all of these areas and this will require continual development, change and diversity. The Engineers Ireland CPD Employer Accreditation will significantly enhance our organisational practice in the area of professional development, and it will help strengthen the skill set within the business to deliver the controlled and sustainable growth strategy that is front and centre to our development plan”.

Presenting the CPD Accreditation parchment at Gaeltec Utilities, Marguerite Sayers, President of Engineers Ireland, said: “Professional development has become the keystone for engineering companies in staying ahead of their competitors and in ensuring that their staff have the best chance of reaching their potential. I wish to congratulate Gaeltec Utilities for their dedication to excellent professional development and for achieving CPD Accredited Employer status with Engineers Ireland.  It is clear that Gaeltec Utilities has a genuine commitment to developing its people and will continue to benefit from the strategic approach facilitated by the CPD Accredited Employer Standard.”

Pictured above: Declan Wynne, Executive Director of Gaeltec Utilities is pictured with Marguerite Sayers, President of Engineers Ireland.