Site Passport Transforming Procurement and Compliance for Construction in Ireland

Site Passport has announced the launch of its suite of Digital Construction Procurement and Compliance Services. The Site Passport solution transforms the way Main Contractors, Developers and Property Managers discover, evaluate, onboard and audit their Supply Chain.

Site Passport equally empowers the Supply Chain, including Subcontractors and Suppliers, with a powerful suite of services to manage their reputation, and satisfy the ever-increasing compliance demands of customers and regulators across Building Control (BCAR), Health & Safety, Quality Assurance and Sustainability.

Challenges facing the Construction Industry

The construction industry is faced with significant problems as the scale and complexity of projects grow, while the number of people entering the industry falls. The net outcome of this is that projects are often delayed, costs regularly escalate, and quality can be compromised. It is estimated that over 35% of construction projects are delayed by more than 30%, and 20% of projects exceed budget by more than 25%. In the context of a €10tn global construction industry, the impacts can be enormous.

This is a global problem that requires new thinking and the adoption of new technology in order to relieve the dwindling construction workforce of mundane, time consuming tasks and at the same time support their skills and experience with powerful digital tools and valuable insights.

The Site Passport Solution

The Site Passport platform provides a truly digital, automated, integrated and data-driven environment that empowers all the players in the construction industry to improve efficiency, value and confidence. The Site Passport platform not only provides a suite of digital services to manage the procurement and compliance at the organisational level, but also delivers solutions that manage the procurement and compliance of construction people, products, materials, plant, equipment and waste.

Rob Fox, CEO of Site Passport, spent over 20 years working in Main Contracting and his experience led him to develop the Site Passport Platform. During his time as Contracts Manager on some of Ireland’s biggest construction projects, he always felt that there had to be a better, more integrated approach to managing procurement and compliance that would deliver better outcomes for Clients and Main Contractors, as well as Subcontractors and Suppliers. A key function of the Site Passport platform now enables all parties to capture real-time data across supply chain deployment, performance and compliance. By providing valuable business intelligence across all the stages of construction, Site Passport delivers increased competitiveness, enhanced reputation and reduced risk for its customers. Rob illustrates the benefits with this customer story – “One of our Main Contractors was under immense pressure to appoint a roofing contractor on a large healthcare project, but their usual contractors were overwhelmed on other projects. Site Passport was immediately able to provide a shortlist of suitable, available and compliant contractors. And so, in a matter of days, a roofing contractor was appointed on time and at the right price. The roofer was relieved to get the job to keep his crews busy and the Main Contractor kept the overall project on schedule. We’ve now had strong traction in Ireland and have already embarked on a strategy to enter overseas markets in 2020”.

After developing the initial product offering in 2018, Site Passport has validated its product-market fit and is now working with several Main Contractor, Developer, Property Management, Subcontractor and Supplier companies across Ireland. The business has now developed a database of over 2,700 specialist Subcontractors and Suppliers and facilitated the procurement of live projects valued at over €60m. In 2019, Site Passport was awarded the status of High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) by Enterprise Ireland and has recently opened a funding round in order to support its overseas expansion.

Main Contractors, Developers, Subcontractors and Suppliers can sign up to Site Passport or book a demonstration at