IT Carlow and NBCO Launch Certificate in Building Control Management

Institute of Technology Carlow, in partnership with the National Building Control Office (NBCO), today launched a new certificate course in Building Control Management to facilitate proper training in compliance and regulation management within Ireland’s €20billion construction industry.

Coordinated and delivered by the Institute’s Extended Campus department, the Certificate in Building Control Management will commence mid-October and be delivered in the Local Authorities five regional training centres located in Cork, Dublin, Mayo, Donegal and Tipperary. The programme, which will be recognised as the minimum standard in building control, will run over one year and include modules in: Built Environment Legislation; Administrative Functions; Building Control Management System; Building Regulations; Inspections and Inspection Procedures & Policy; Enforcement – Legal with Case Studies and Compliance & Support.

“Building Control Reform has been a key priority for Government since 2011. The 2014 Building Control Amendment Regulations (BCAR) have brought a new order and discipline to bear on construction projects and promote a culture of compliance with the Building Regulations. Empowering the building control authority to exercise its role efficiently and effectively is fundamental to a well-regulated construction sector. This course is designed to support building control officers in undertaking their functions, promoting national consistency, leading to a quality public service delivered by the local authorities,” commented Mr. Damien English T.D., Minister for Housing and Urban Development.

“The built environment in which we live is a major determinant of health and well-being. The Certificate in Building Control Management will provide the skills and knowledge to building control officers in support of the building control function; to this end, we are delighted to combine the skills of IT Carlow’s built environment department and the National Building Control Office”, commented Dr. Frances Hardiman, Head of the Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Technology Carlow.

“90% of a person’s life is spent indoors and this is higher for vulnerable people. A well-trained and well-regulated construction industry is imperative. Unfortunately, up to 125million people in Europe suffer energy poverty. This Certificate course will equip participants with the knowledge and ability to identify and manage securing the implementation of and compliance with the requirements of building regulations”, said Mairead Phelan, Head of the National Building Control Office.

The Irish construction industry directly employs 137,400 and is worth approx. €21billion, contributing approx. 10% of GNP to the Irish economy. Project Ireland 2040 estimates that 550,000 homes will be required over the next 20 years, and the National Development Plan commits €11.6 billion to providing 112,000 new social homes by 2027. (source: CIF)

Pictured above: Mr David Denieffe, Vice President of Academic Affairs, IT Carlow; Ms Sabrina McDonnell, Senior Executive Engineer, NBCO, Dublin City Council; Ms Mairéad Phelan, Programme Manager, NBCO, Dublin City Council; Mr Eoin Homan, Head of Dept. Built Environment & Extended Campus, IT Carlow; Mr Colin Gallagher, Senior Executive Engineer, Built Environment Inspectorate, Fingal County Council; Mr John Wickham, Senior Advisor Building Standards, DHPLG; Dr Frances Hardiman, Head of Faculty Engineering, IT Carlow; Ms Anne Meaney, Extended Campus Coordinator, IT Carlow.

For further information on the Certificate in Building Control Management, contact, The Extended Campus at IT Carlow. Tel: 059 9175286 or email