Mercury launches sustainability drive

Mercury has launched a new sustainability drive to make the company more sustainable and environmentally aware.

The company has a number of  company initiatives in place to encourage greater environmental management and promote awareness of sustainability as part of its mission to focus on the enhancement of development in technology, wellbeing and the built environment.

Some of the new initiatives include, Sustainability committee & work groups, Commuting schemes, Paperless office and Recycling.

Sustainability committee & work groups – Our dedicated sustainability committee and our EHS department work to implement sustainable initiatives across Mercury.

Commuting schemes – Mercury encourages and promotes a green environment and the reduction of fossil fuel emissions through a variety of employee commuter schemes. As such, all Mercury employees can avail of the below:

  • Carpooling – Mercury encourages and assists employees to carpool, helping staff drive smarter and more sustainably every day.
  • Cycle to work – The Cycle to Work initiative gives teams the opportunity to sacrifice part of their salary in return for a bicycle and/or selected safety equipment to use for journeys to and from work, saving them up to 52% of the costs through their taxes.
  • TaxSaver commuter tickets – Mercury encourages staff to use public transport where possible and sensible. Mercury employees can have their commuter tickets deducted through their salary, saving up to 52% of the costs through their taxes.

Paperless office – Mercury operates in an increasingly paperless environment, with all documents saved and shared on a secure internal cloud document storage & collaboration solution, reducing printing requirements across all global sites and offices. Mercury also uses DocuSign, saving 80,000 sheets of paper being printed every year.

Recycling – Mercury has recently invested in new recycling initiatives, with all waste paper, toner cartridges, batteries, cardboard and plastic containers recycled responsibly.

Waste reduction – A new initiative was announced to remove all single-use coffee and water cups across offices and replace them with multi-use keep cups and water bottles, on average saving over 50,000 cups – a huge benefit to the environment!

Energy management – Mercury takes active steps to manage its energy requirements responsibly and reduce its carbon footprint. It ensures that all electronics are switched off outside of business hours and over weekends and holidays.