Adam Campbell appointed leader at Argo CTE

Adam Campbell has been appointed Leader at ARGO CTE (Centre of Technical Excellence), the prominent architecture technology practice. With operations in Ireland and the Caribbean, the firm is a leader in 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling), the new design development technology that is transforming the Irish construction industry.

A first-class BSc honours graduate in Architectural Technology from D.I.T. Bolton Street, Dublin, Adam will lead a core team of technologists working with client Building Contractors, Developers, Engineers, Architects and construction professionals to deliver 15-20% BIM cost savings over conventionally delivered projects. An industry professional with more than 10 year’s experience, Adam will also be responsible for the day to day management of the Dublin office including staffing, business development and finances.

Why BIM matters

Building Information Modelling is arguably the most important development in a decade in the practice of Architectural Technology (the creative innovative design discipline rooted in science and engineering). In addition to cost savings, BIM – an intelligent 3D model-based process – gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

“TECHIE DROP” service

As the only business of its kind solely focussed on design development, ARGO CTE’s ambition is to become the leading architectural technologist resource in Europe and the Caribbean.


Its “Techiedrop” service provides Architectural Technologist expertise to any office or site in any location around the world (or can work remotely from Dublin), to assist developers, contractors and architectural design practices in safeguarding the design development and delivery stage of any construction or infrastructure project. Techiedrop has deployed staff into 7 countries to date to work on projects which include data centres, airports, hotels, offices and retail.

Experienced, creative and innovative, ARGO CTE’s technologists are Autodesk certified BIM professionals and can also provide technical input on a more traditional 2D CAD delivery.

They provide logical, detailed solutions using construction technologies to form the link between design and delivery, underpinned by science and engineering, essential to the design of buildings and structures. In addition, they can work seamlessly alongside an existing design team or can provide full design development services on behalf of the client.

ARGO CTE’s architectural technologists are currently working on live projects throughout the Caribbean and Ireland, a number of which have been delivered using the latest BIM technology.