Capturing the Economic and Environmental Benefits of CHP with Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland hosted a conference, ‘Capturing the Economic and Environmental Benefits of CHP’ in conjunction with Energy Ireland, on Tuesday 11th October. The conference explored the significant reduction in energy costs, CO2 emissions, and carbon tax that can be achieved through Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology as well as the security and continuity of power the on-site power generation provides.

Speakers at the event included representatives from Gas Networks Ireland, SEAI, Ibec, Bausch & Lomb, Boston Scientific, EURELECTRIC, Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, Green Hospitality Programme and Wyeth Nutritionals, who discussed the financial and environmental benefits CHP can offer to Irish industry and business. The event was chaired by Andrew Parish.

CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is a particularly appropriate energy solution for industries with large energy requirements, especially in Ireland, where electricity prices for large industrial and commercial customers are among some of the highest in Europe. Using cogeneration to provide both heat and electricity on-site allows a business to reduce its overall energy costs resulting in a significant competitive and productivity advantages.

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CHP technology is used widely across Europe to support energy-heavy industries. Here in Ireland however, levels of CHP infrastructure are low with just 7.4% of Ireland’s electricity and 6.4% of the country’s heat demand coming from CHP installations in 2014. European Union energy policy requires all member states to take due consideration of the role CHP can play in meeting energy efficiency targets. Natural gas has been the fuel of choice for the majority of CHP units installed internationally throughout the years, ensuring reliable, competitive and highly efficient operation of CHP engines and turbines. 

Fran McFadden, Commercial Sales Manager, Gas Networks Ireland comments:

‘CHP technology is mature and well-proven, and is expected to play an important role in Ireland’s transition to a lower carbon energy mix.  In an environment where businesses are placing priority on reducing their carbon footprint and emissions, the timing has never been more appropriate to explore environmental benefits, and financial savings, that CHP offers. CHP is an important element of the transition to a diverse and low carbon energy mix, combined with the future introduction of renewable gas (biomethane) into Ireland’s energy mix, is expected to help Ireland to reach our 2020 national and EU targets on energy efficiency and renewable energy.’

For more information on CHP, please contact Gas Network Ireland’s Businesslink team on 1850 411 511 or e-mail