New hybrid polymer waterproofing system available from SIG Ireland

Fix-R liquid waterproofing is a new hybrid polymer waterproofing system available from SIG Ireland. It is a one-component system which is isocyanurate free, contains no solvents, has very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and does not require classification or marking as a hazardous substance.

It is fully reinforced with a polyester membrane and cures through contact with the moisture in the atmosphere. Being largely independent of the weather it can be applied under practically any conditions, even on cold days and on damp surfaces.

Fix-R liquid waterproofing is ideally suited for new build, repair or refurbishment projects incorporating flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways and internal plant rooms and wet rooms.. It has excellent elasticity and tensile strength and does not suffer from shrinkage. Fix-R liquid waterproofing system is simple to use straight from the bucket. Applied by brush or roller it is ideal for flame-free application where access is limited or where large amounts of detailing are required.

SIG-Ireland-Fix-rFix-R liquid waterproofing is a safe product to use, store, handle and transport. It is a virtually odourless, solvent-free, non-hazardous substance with extremely low VOC’s making it suitable for use almost anywhere. It is non-flammable and is oil and solvent resistant. A ready to use product with no mixing involved and is water repellent on application. It be applied all year round above 0*C and can be recoated. It has a very cost effective wet-on-wet application with minimum wastage as unused product can be stored and reused.

Fix-Rcryl is a one coat roofing repair solution which is part of the Fix-R liquid waterproofing range. It is an easy to apply repair product which offers instant shower protection and is unaffected by temperature. It is a low odour, low VOC’s product which can be cold applied even in damp weather. As a fibre reinforced product Fix-Rcryl can fill minor cracks and gaps and it has a quick build up which won’t sag, even on vertical surfaces.

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