Engineers Ireland Responds to Energy White Paper “Ireland’s Transition to a low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030”

Engineers Ireland has welcomed the publication of “Ireland’s Transition to a low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030” by the Department of Communications Energy and Resources.

Following on from the landmark Climate Change COP agreement we now have a broad strategic framework within which our energy policy is set to be delivered over the next 15 years, to achieve the radical transformation required in our overall energy systems.

Engineers Ireland the importance attached to empowering the citizen, including community engagement in both the energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment processes and are enthused by the highly consultative and participative approach to which it commits. The framework provides decision makers in all walks of life, from household to industry to financial institutions, with information on energy efficiency and renewable energy systems required to achieve a more sustainable energy society.

Ireland’s engineering profession has a vital role to play, both in strategy development and in frontline delivery of the various policies, infrastructure, technologies and practices that will need to be mobilised to accomplish the goals set out in the paper.  As the body representing the full spectrum of the engineering profession, Engineers Ireland is committed to supporting that process.

A smart, sustainable energy society presents opportunities for enterprise development in Ireland. Given the presence of indigenous start-ups and foreign direct investment, Ireland is especially well positioned in research skills and resources to foster the development of innovative energy technologies. Engineers Ireland welcome the Department’s commitment to continue support in energy research which provides job creation and new solutions for energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

Although the White Paper does not appear to set firm targets for year 2030, Engineers Ireland welcome the commitment to a series of specific actions over the course of 2016 and also welcome the commitment to an annual review process, which will provide an indicator of progress and signal a need for adjusting or introducing new measures to maintain progress.

Department of Communications, Energy and Resources White Paper on Energy can be viewed here:Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030