Topcon’s LN-100 – the future of BIM Layout

The LN-100 is the world’s first 3D positioning system designed specifically for construction layout. Its clean, innovative design tells you right away that the LN-100 is a game changer.

The LN-100 strips away the complexity to deliver an easy-to-use tool dedicated to construction layout. It uses Topcon’s time-proven laser and robotic total station technologies to create a totally new tool that’s easy to use, without sacrificing the accuracy and versatility demanded for all types of construction layout.

With the single press of a button, the LN-100 automatically self-levels and is ready for action. Fire-up it’s hand-held, touch-screen controller and you are ready to go to work. With the wireless controller, you can call up simple point layout or large CAD drawings—right in the palm of your hand, anywhere on the site. Display the design point or line that needs to be staked out, touch it, and the LN-100 laser immediately points to the exact location. It can also lock onto a prism and guide you to the next design points. One-person layout has never been this easy.

From traditional utility layout, to foundations, electrical, plumbing, walls, ceilings, HVAC, and much more, layout anything on the job site. Never before has construction layout been so powerfully simple, says Declan Byrne of Topcon Ireland’s Positioning Instruments Division.

3D laser positioning is easy with the LN-100 because it needs only one person to operate it, via an app on a mobile phone or a tablet, and with an in-built self-levelling capability. Using a 360° prism and a smartphone controller anywhere in a layout zone will give precise measurements with an accuracy of +/-3mm on both horizontal and vertical elevations. In a building, walls, ceilings, pipes, ducts and floor location layout can all be mastered.

The device is compact and rugged enough to be used in construction environments in all weathers.  When setting up, you can use existing control points or you can establish new control points for specific surveys or construction tasks. Additional accessories allow the LN-100 to be mounted on a building column or other out of the way location because there’s no need to stand and look through the lens. You can track its view on your smartphone or tablet while the LN-100 tracks you automatically.

The LN-100 is only one part of the complete solution provided by Topcon the others being a Tesla Controller, MAGNET Field Software and MAGNET Office software  — plus of course a field pole, batteries and a carrying case!  This solution can be used with Autodesk or without. the MAGNET Field GIS (geographic information software) kit is designed for efficient data collection, navigation and maintenance tasks. Utilizing the cloud, MAGNET Field GIS can send and receive data via a company’s MAGNET Enterprise account, allowing professionals in the field greater productivity and less time wasted driving to and from an office to deliver collected data. The software package also includes features such as Microsoft Bing Maps for real-time background imaging, popular GIS file-format compatibility and a customisable interface.

MAGNET Office Tools is a cloud-enabled data processing software application that enables users to generate final coordinates from MAGNET Field, TopSURV and Pocket 3D files, as well as Topcon and GPS raw data files.

“The push globally for BIM adoption on construction projects means that it is increasingly likely that you will be faced with the question ‘How do we interface a survey to BIM?’,” said Byrne.

“Consultant engineers asking themselves this question may already have fixed workflows that Topcon’s technology can interact with seamlessly. Or it may be that the company has just started on their journey into the world of BIM. Either way Topcon has a solution to ensure seamless data-flow from field to office and back, whether it be for interior building infrastructure such as decking, wall and ceiling layouts, HVAC, plumbing and electrical and IT cabling, or for external infrastructure such as foundations and footings.”

To arrange a demonstration of this or any other Topcon Positioning product, contact Declan Byrne on 086 8290681 or via email For further details see: