Stryker plans to construct new Innovation Centre in Cork

The Instruments Division of Stryker Corporation announced plans today to construct a new 44,000 square foot surgical Innovation Centre in Cork, Ireland.

The Innovation Centre, which will fuel future growth for Stryker, will focus on the research and development of products, technologies and solutions to reduce surgical procedure time and healthcare costs while improving surgical precision and clinical outcomes in the areas of bone cutting, soft tissue dissection and adjacent areas across a broad spectrum of surgical specialities and procedures.

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The centre will combine all Ireland-based research and new product development activities and support functions within one purpose-built facility. It will feature state-of-the-art R&D facilities for product design and process development and a customer experience laboratory that will allow engineers and surgeons to test and evaluate new ideas, technology and product designs in a simulated operating room and surgical environment.

The construction of the facility will commence in Q4 2014 and is due for completion in Q4 2015.

Stryker Instruments President, Jim Heath, said: “We are excited about this important investment in our R&D efforts and the continued support of the IDA as we work to provide new technology to our customers. This state-of-the-art facility will drive innovation by giving us the ability to design, develop and test new products in conditions that mimic real life.”