Quarries should check products are pyrite free

All quarries and material suppliers should ensure their products are compliant with the correct standards and free from pyrite, according to the CIF. 

Standards were introduced to help prevent the spread of pyrite products and the CIF is calling on all quarries to ensure they meet these standards. 

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The CIF is also reminding all construction companies to ensure any materials they receive meet the correct standards upon their delivery onsite. 

 “All materials used for building must be fit for purpose,” said CIF Director General Tom Parlon.  “There are now standards in place to prevent these problems arising and these standards must be enforced by the quarries and material suppliers.  They must ensure their products are compliant and generally fit for use on construction sites. 

“No builder wants to hear that the materials they have used might contain pyrite.  We would remind all construction companies to ensure that the materials they receive are compliant and to request the correct documentation to this effect when their supplier delivers the materials. 

“This the correct process for minimizing the risk of pyrite affected materials being included in construction projects.  No one wants to see pyrite damage to properties and that is why these processes have been introduced.

“We would also note that in circumstances where suppliers have not provided products and materials that are fit for purpose, then they have an obligation to take responsibility for any problems that may subsequently arise,” Mr. Parlon concluded. www.cif.ie