Geospatial information contributes over €69m to the Irish economy

report commissioned  by Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) reveals that the geospatial information industry contributed €69.3m to the Irish economy in 2012. When multiplier impacts are included, this is estimated to be over €120m.

The industry generated sales or output valued at €117.5m in 2012, and spent a total of €84.4m on wages/ salaries. 1,677 full-time equivalent persons were directly employed by the industry, which, in total, supports the employment of 3,087 people.

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The report estimates that the use of geospatial information accrues annual savings of €82m in the public sector, time savings with an economic value of €279m, and competition benefits of €104m.

OSi Chief Executive Colin Bray explained this significance of the report’s findings: “Geospatial information puts the ‘where’ into business decisions – where to find customers, to locate premises, to build property, infrastructure and networks. This is the first-ever assessment of the economic value of geospatial information in Ireland. For the first time, we have a quantified view of the important role the geospatial industry plays in the Irish economy.”

“Of particular significance are the efficiencies and savings geospatial information can provide for the public sector. This is important in the context of the Government’s Public Service Reform Plan 2014-2015 which refers to an intention to improve public services through more efficient usage of geospatial information”, added Mr Bray.

Welcoming the publication of the report, Minister of State Fergus O’Dowd TD, Minister of State with responsibility for the NewEra Project, said: “I welcome the publication today of this examination of the economic contribution of the Irish geospatial information industry. We all appreciate the importance of accurate information in decision-making in Government, and in business. This is even more important at a time of limited resources because accurate information supports effective and efficient decision making”.

“The Public Service Reform Plan 2014-2015 states this Government’s intention to improve public services through more efficient usage of geospatial information. In that context, it is very useful that this report provides us with a greater understanding of the efficiencies and savings the industry can provide for the public sector. According to the report, the use of geospatial information is estimated to accrue annual savings of €82m in the public sector”, added Minister of State O’Dowd.

The report was prepared by Indecon on behalf of OSi. According to Indecon’s Alan Gray, “Indecon is pleased to present the first comprehensive independent assessment of the geospatial industry in Ireland. Our assessment demonstrates the significant contribution made by the industry to the Irish economy. Our research has also highlighted the potential for the industry to grow, making use of advancements in technology”.

Colin Bray concluded: “OSi is grateful to everyone who participated in the process, helping to develop a comprehensive overview of our industry and the contribution we make.”

Assessment of the Economic Value of the Geospatial Information Industry in Ireland was prepared by Indecon International Economic Consultants. The report can be read here.