€150k contract with ITER in France for Ecocem

Irish environmentally friendly concrete company Ecocem has announced it has won a €150,000 contract with International Thermonuclear Energy Reactor (ITER), the world’s biggest energy research project.

The ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment to demonstrate the generation of commercial electrical energy from nuclear fusion financed with contributions from Russia, the US, the EU, Japan, China, South Korea and India.

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Ecocem’s French subsidiary Ecocem France will supply the second phase of the development of the $20bn ITER experimental nuclear fusion reactor in Cadarache in the south of France.

This will mean that the Ecocem Cement will be used in both the seismic isolation pit and the foundations of the project.

“ITER is the most important energy project in the world, an international cooperation of countries, including Ireland, aiming to revolutionise nuclear energy with clean, pollution free energy,” said Conor O’Riain, head of new markets and products at Ecocem.

“The nuclear industry doesn’t take chances for obvious reasons, so the fact that they have decided to use Ecocem cement speaks volumes.

“Ecocem as increasingly being seen as the supplier of choice to large infrastructural projects in Europe that require high performance with minimal environmental impact.”

A joint venture between Irish company Ecocem Materials (70pc) and ArcelorMittal (30pc), the biggest steel producer in the world, Ecocem France will provide around 1,500 tonnes of Ecocem cement to ITER under the new deal.