Canada Opens Visa Programme for 10,700 Irish Workers

Anyone looking to available of Canada’s IEC International Experience Class Visas programme to be vigilant and be ready when the programme.

While the Young Professionals and International Co-op (Internship) categories (3,000 visas) opened on March 11th – the much anticipated & largest tranche of visas – the Working Holiday category will open tomorrow Thursday March 13th – almost 3months after when it was initially thought they would become available.

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According to Edwina Shanahan, leading migration specialist with, “Most people believed that this programme would be opened in Dec 2013 or early Jan 2014 given that the UK version of the programme opened then. Irish hopefuls looking to partake in the programme have been waiting patiently ever since so will be relieved and delighted to hear that the end is nigh”. say that the UK were only be granted 5,350 places in 2014 compared with Ireland which has 10,700 places available. The visa experts say that this is clear evidence that Canadian employers like and appreciate the calibre of worker from Ireland. Irish applicants also have the added advantage of being able to apply up to 36 years whereas UK passport holders can apply up to age of 31 only.

Edwina continued, “While there will be 10,700 place made available this year – hopeful applicants should bear in mind the 6350 places of 2013 programme year went quickly – within 48 hours last year. The numbers looking to apply for Canadian working visas nearly equal to those for Australia in 2013 – which has never happened before.

There are two primary drivers behind this jump – firstly Canadian employer’s visits to Ireland throughout 2012 and 2013 have really driven home to people the amount of work opportunities that are currently on offer in Canada and secondly there is a growing number of Irish people that are willing to travel for work but feel that Australia is that bit too far – and so are choosing Canada instead. We are contacted on a daily basis by Canadian employers looking for Irish workers – general labourers, truck drivers, truck mechanics, mechanical and construction trades are in high demand – the demand for labouring jobs has quadrupled since mid-2013 alone”.