Minister for the Environment welcomes developemnt on Priory Hall issue

The Minister for the Environment and Local Government has welcomed a breakthrough on the Priory Hall issue as a result of the process he established three weeks ago.

“The proposals are now being considered by the residents and I believe they are a fair and reasonable outcome.  They will give Priory Hall owners an opportunity to get on with their lives.”

“I set up a process on 16 September with a 21-day deadline to find a solution.   I am delighted that within the deadline we have delivered a result.”

“The proposed Framework recognises the exceptional and unique difficulties faced by the home owners in Priory Hall over the last two years and I believe that it offers a fair and reasonable solution to their housing needs.”

“The Priory Hall residents have been involved in the discussions and have been briefed on the Framework.  Understandably they have asked for an opportunity to consider the proposals carefully.  Therefore, to respect the wishes of the residents, details of the proposed Framework will not be made public at this stage.”

“These proposals will also ensure that Priory Hall is refurbished into a desirable, high quality, safe location by Dublin City Council.”

“The Government also intends to establish an oversight process, with participation from the residents, to ensure that the Framework is implemented effectively and to deal with specific issues that arise on a case-by-case basis.”

The Minister said “I would like to commend all parties for their engagement in this difficult process and for producing a Framework for resolving a unique and exceptional situation which was not of their making.”

He also said that “Priory Hall was one of the worst examples of the failures of the Celtic Tiger years, and I am pleased that we now have an approach in place to resolve it.  I also have introduced new building regulations to ensure that a situation like Priory Hall can never happen again. This new regulatory framework will require the various building professions to take responsibility for their work and will be strictly overseen by the building control authorities and ultimately the courts.”