Costly Flat Roof Problems Solved At Last – Igoe International

Dublin based specialist distributor Igoe International Ltd has been appointed UK & Irish distributor by Gaco Western of Seattle USA for its high tech Gaco roof coating for flat roofs & low pitched roofs. 


Known as Gaco, the 100% Silicone Coating bonds tightly, is applied by roller to form a completely seamless, waterproof membrane & is now available to Roofing Contractors and Irish Home Owners.   Company Managing Director, Brendan C Igoe, says “Gaco is ideal for the wet Irish climate. It has been developed by 55 year old Gaco Western Corp in rainy Seattle USA several years ago to cater for the on-going global problem of leaking flat roofs.”  Gaco is unique in that being 100% silicone, it is guaranteed to be impenetrable by water, even under permanently ponding water on a flat roof.


Because it remains flexible, it is ideal for a wide range of temperatures anywhere between -50c up to +50c without degradation & comes with a 50 year limited factory guarantee. Gaco can be applied to most clean dry, weathered roofs in temperatures ranging from  0c up to 50c.  The coating, suitable for most flat or low pitch roof surfaces including felt, asphalt, concrete, steel, asbestos & plywood is applied in a two-coat process and is available in two shades, grey and white.  The grey is normally applied first with the white applied as the finish coat.

This two-coat /colour process ensures the right thickness of coating is applied. It’s also possible to apply the white first and finish with the grey but white is the recommended finish.  According to Igoe, a huge advantage of this product is that the white finish, which, unlike   silver reflective paint which lasts a year or two, is a once only application, is a lifetime job which reflects away over 80 per cent of UV light and the sun’s heat from the roof surface. This means that even on a hot day, a roof surface finished with white Gaco will be cool to the touch!  Although a rare event… when the sun does shine, it causes the roof to expand loosening joints, seams etc. a problem compounded when frost comes along because trapped moisture forces additional stresses on those joints, seams etc. These expansion / contraction movements are the main reason we get problems on flat roof and when those stresses / movement are prevented by Gaco’s reflective properties, that damage is completely prevented.

Igoe explained, “The reflection of heat from the roof also makes the building underneath more comfortable in warmer weather, thereby avoiding need for cooling fans or other air conditioning”.  Another benefit of the material is because it is made from silicone it resists the accumulation of dirt and growth of mosses, meaning roof stays clean for longer.

Gaco is normally applied by approved roofing contractors but with careful attention to instructions and by following safe working practices it can be self-applied by any competent home owner.  “Gaco is available in two colours, grey & reflective white and the material, which requires two coats, costs around €8 per square meter per coat making it a highly cost effective alternative to other traditional methods” says Igoe.   For more information about Gaco or to find your nearest stockist contact Igoe International Ltd on 01-8302250 or email Igoe International Ltd is based at 135 Slaney Road, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 Ireland. Website