Armstrong’s grid systems suspend belief

Armstrong Ceilings’ portfolio of suspension systems is detailed in a new catalogue.

Customers of Armstrong Ceilings have been instrumental in developing what is arguably the most comprehensive portfolio of suspension systems on the market.

Their input has resulted in a range of standard and designer grids and canopies that meet, and more, all the challenges of the contemporary construction environment, and are now detailed in a new suspension systems catalogue.


Systems have been designed from scratch to meet standard requirements such as the environment, quality standards, ease of use and aesthetics, as well as specific requirements such as healthcare, humid and corrosive environments, and even seismic ones.

For instance, the most recent recruit to the designer range, Microline 15 XL”, a steel-based grid with an exposed aluminium sleeve to give a clean and crisp visual, was also designed with a practical fluted reveal for flexibility in partition fixing and relocation – a by-product of today’s requirement for adaptable office space.

And the Axiom canopy range has evolved from the “C” perimeter trim system for use with full-size tiles, through the more aesthetic Knife Edge Canopy, to the curved and circle canopies which allow specifiers to play with different planes and levels as well as to conceal service elements.

Others in the designer range – Silhouette, Interlude and the Axiom system – provide equally aesthetically enhanced grids. Silhouette creates a flush ceiling surface, while Interlude gives a clean, sophisticated visual created by a unique double reveal, and Axiom Profiles and Transitions provide for changes in level and a flush transition with plaster margins.

In addition to the designer range, Armstrong has an extensive range of performance grids encompassing concealed, semi-concealed and exposed systems. The Prelude range of exposed grids includes a main runner section that requires fewer suspension points, while all Prelude components feature a unique “stitched” construction which enhances torsional resistance.

For specific applications, the Clean Room grid system is manufactured from aluminium for maximum corrosion resistance and non-magnetic environments, with a unique factory-applied gasket for a better seal between tile and grid.

Prelude 24 Non Corrosive features a special paint finish and steel-based composite clip for enhanced corrosion resistance, while the Seismic RX grid is independently tested to withstand the forces associated with significant seismic activity or other severe events.

Regardless of whether they are performance or designer grids, all the steel suspension systems are manufactured from double-web galvanised steel which inhibits red-rusting better and longer than electro-galvanised or painted systems and means installation can start before the building is enclosed or the HVAC system is operational. A surface finish of baked polyester paint in a wide range of colours is then added.

The CE-marked portfolio contains up to 25% post-consumer recycled content and is itself part of Armstrong’s End-Of-Life recycling scheme but care for the environment is built into the range from design stage.