Irish Construction Workers hopping Down Under

Australian Visa Rule Changes will See More Irish Construction Workers go Down Under. Experts say new rules mean that more Irish Accountants; Scientists: Teachers & Other Professions will Stay Away for Longer.

Immigration officials in New South Wales, Australia have just announced an expansion of its States Skilled Occupation list. Migration experts <> say that this will have a significant impact on the Irish working community in Sydney and the surrounding areas as it means that people with skills in many trades and professions can now be nominated by the New South Wales Government for a permanent resident Australian visa that will allow them to remain working in the country indefinitely.

Explaining the new rule changes Edwina Shanahan, Manager at <> , “Up until Nov of this year there were only 32 occupations on this list – this has now risen to 120. This will come as very welcome news both to Irish already living in NSW and to those whole are planning to travel in the next 12months. It has been well documented that Ireland has a surplus of lawyers, construction workers and teachers and these have all been added to the NSWs skilled occupation list. There are now a much broader range of trades on this list – from just painters last year to now a whole range of metal & constructions trades. Another welcome change is that where previously accountants and other highly skilled professionals had to show a minimum of 3years specific industry experience to be eligible for State sponsorship, the requirements have now been eased to require positive skill assessment only”. say that other occupations which now feature on the list include:

• Engineers – Metal workers – Carpenters · Plasters · Bricklayers · Electrician · Tilers · Plumbers

Edwina continued, “This means that the above trades can now apply for permanent visas to NSW. State sponsorship will also mean that their permanent resident applications will be processed faster. However it’s important to note that once a sufficient supply of a particular skill is reached they could be removed from NSW list again, the fact that they have been added to the list means that these occupations are in immediate shortage – so we would urge anyone considering the move to come forward now with their applications”.

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