CIF unhappy with Labour Court ruling

The Construction Industry Federation is to hold an emergency meeting in the coming days following the issuing of a recommendation by the Labour Court on the construction Registered Employment Agreement (REA).

The Labour Court is recommending an additional 2.5% cut in wages following on from the previous 7.5% cut, bringing the total cut to 10%.  The CIF had sought an additional 20% cut in the REA.

“Given the problems facing our industry this does not go far enough,” said CIF Director General Tom Parlon.  “We had sought a much larger reduction in the pay rate from the Labour Court.”

“There are other parts of the recommendation which are more in line with the CIF demands, particularly on the travel allowance and entry rate.  However we will have to see if the overall package is satisfactory to our members.  We will be holding an emergency meeting to study the proposals in the coming days,” Mr. Parlon concluded.

For further information contact Jimmy Healy, CIF – 01 4066095/ 087 6479104