Launch of the new Marvin Fibreglass Window & Door at the Autumn Ideal Homes Show RDS 26th -29th Oct.

The most up to date and sustainable window on the market today

The new Marvin Fibreglass product set to revolutionize the new build and replacement market for the next century.


In response to customer demand Marvin windows and doors have answered the housing sector with a revolutionary fibreglass window and door that ticks all the boxes.

What makes this fibreglass window and door revolutionary?

The 2012 market demands a window that is affordable, sustainable, maintenance free and good looking. This Marvin product is a complete departure from wood and aluminium window and door offerings because of its look, design flexibility, ease of installation, energy efficiency and 30yr+ life expectancy.

What aspect of the housing market is this product a good fit for?

The homeowner who is upgrading will want to take a close look at this product as it is designed to fit into existing opes with its custom sizes and slim profiles.  The sliding sash style and casement style will be of particular interest to the homeowner who wants an alternative to wood sliding sash while wishing to maintain the traditional and authentic appearance of their home.

What is fibreglass made from?

Fibreglass is a highly sustainable product that is manufactured from abundant raw materials (glass and sand are the main components) and 20% recycled glass.

How does it compare with PVC and aluminium?

The fibreglass window is 8 times stronger than PVC and almost twice as strong as steel. PVC expands 833% more than fibreglass making it more vulnerable to cracks and fissures. The seals of the Fibreglass product remain bonded and air-tight throughout its life cycle backed by a 20year warranty.

What is the fade factor on fibreglass compared to powder coated products?

The colour in fibreglass is embedded during the manufacturing process unlike powder coating which is applied to the finished product making it more susceptible to fading.

How does the appearance of fibreglass differ from more traditional materials?

Fibreglass has minimal thin frame profiles and maximum glass areas.

What kind of savings can I expect to make on heating costs from investing in fibreglass windows and doors?

Soft coat Low EII with Argon gas filled spaces between the double glazing will cut your fuel costs by as much as 37%. Other benefits include improved comfort, increased light and view, minimal fading of curtains and carpets and reduced air conditioning costs.

This fibreglass window is unique to Marvin and is truly the future of the window and door industry for many decades to come.

Let us introduce you to the Marvin fibreglass window and door range by visiting the Autumn Ideal Home Show Marvin Architectural Stand M44  26th -29th Oct 2012

For information on all Marvin window and door products please visit the Marvin Architectural Showroom 71/72 Grove Rd Rathmines Dublin 6. T: 01 4066440