Quinns asked to name assets to set against legal expenses

The Lawyers for IBRC want Sean Quinn’s family to identify personal assets that can be set against their legal expenses.

Today, solicitors Eversheds withdrew from representing the Quinns who claim the move was a result of their worsening financial position.

Sean Quinn’s son in law Niall McPartland made it clear to reporters that the family intends to continue their battle with IBRC with or without lawyers.

Eversheds stepped aside allegedly due to financial difficulties being experienced by the Quinns.

IBRC say they’re happy for money to be released to pay legal expenses including €440,000 to foreign lawyers who hold documents the bank wants access to.

However, the former Anglo first wants assurances that the money will come from the Quinns personal finances and not from assets over which IBRC already has security.

The bank says large sums of money were extracted from the Quinns International Property Group and that it still can’t locate $32m (€25m).

The Quinns are expected to come back to court with a set of proposals on September 24.