Uisce Éireann launches new Water Stewardship Accelerator Programme

Uisce Éireann in collaboration with 20FIFTY Partners, has announced the launch of the Water Stewardship Accelerator Programme. The initiative aims to foster water resilience and sustainability among businesses in Ireland, focusing on the Greater Dublin Area.

Water scarcity poses a significant challenge to industries across Ireland, especially in vulnerable catchments and water-stressed regions. In the Dublin area, water demand is already at unprecedented levels, underscoring the urgency for proactive measures to ensure a sustainable water supply for all. As stewards of our national water resources, businesses in this region can play a crucial role in safeguarding this vital resource.

Niall Gleeson, CEO of Uisce Éireann, commented on the programme’s significance, “The Water Stewardship Accelerator Programme represents a positive stride towards water security for our nation. By empowering businesses to address their water-related risks, we’re laying the foundation for a sustainable water future.”

Ken Stockil, CEO of 20FIFTY Partners, emphasised the importance of collaboration in addressing water challenges, “Water stewardship is a collective responsibility. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, we can build resilience and mitigate the impacts of water scarcity.”

The programme includes a funded on-site water risk and planning workshop, equipping eligible businesses with the tools and resources to assess water usage, identify risks, and develop actionable response plans. Participants will also receive guidance on wastewater and trade effluent management,  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) corporate reporting requirements, and available funding supports.

Dawn Reilly, Sustainability and Utilities Manager at Diageo, praised the programme’s potential to drive positive change, “Water is our most important ingredient, but is also a precious shared resource which is coming under increasing pressure. We have a strong track record in managing our impact on water and we are committed to delivering best-in-class water stewardship in our operations. The Water Stewardship Accelerator Programme empowers companies to take a meaningful leap towards water sustainability.”

Eligible companies in the Greater Dublin Area (including Meath, Kildare and Wicklow) with an Annual Consumption equal to or greater than 20,000 m3 are encouraged to register their interest in the programme at www.waterstewardshipireland.com/accelerator.

Pictured above: Niall Gleeson, CEO of Uisce Eireann; Dawn Reilly, Sustainability Manager of Diageo; and Ken Stockil, CEO of 20FIFTY Partners.

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