Ecocem recognised at Ireland France Business awards

Ecocem, a leading provider of low carbon cement technology solutions, has been recognised as the Best Irish Company in France by the Ireland France Business Awards.

The award recognises Ecocem’s strong growth and innovation leadership in the field of low carbon cement technologies in France, where the company recently announced significant partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the French cement industry. These partnerships come as Ecocem seeks to scale up the production of ACT, its pioneering low carbon cement technology.

Founded in Ireland over 20 years ago, Ecocem Global has pioneered the development, manufacture and supply of low-carbon cement and construction solutions in Europe, which already substantially reduce the carbon footprint of traditional cement. ACT, its latest technology, offers a globally scalable solution that can deliver up to 70% reduction in CO2 without excessive cost.

Recent developments in France include a partnership with Cemex France to deliver industrial trials for ACT at ten of the company’s ready-mix plants. It also includes a long-term co-operation agreement with CB Green to build a grinding mill at Ecocem’s plant in Dunkirk  and to supply and grind limestone filler, a key component in ACT. This venture will accelerate the availability of low carbon cement technologies in Western Europe. Focusing production on Northern France will allow Ecocem to supply ACT to all the concrete players located in the key markets from Paris to London and Amsterdam.

In addition, Ecocem is currently working with Point P, part of Saint Gobain Building Distribution, to help it meet its target of reducing cement-related carbon emissions by 35% by 2030, and with business and research institutions including Cemex, ENS Paris-Saclay and Toulouse University to develop new lower carbon solutions. 

Donal O’Riain, Founder and Managing Director of Ecocem, said: “I am very proud and  humbled to be recognised by this prestigious award. When I founded Ecocem over twenty years ago, my ambition was clear: to build a sustainable future by leading the way with low carbon cement technology. Since then, we have built a company with a distinctive culture that is already pushing the boundaries of cement technology and is included in some of the most prestigious construction projects in Ireland and France.

“The widespread adoption of ACT, our latest technology, will enable the cement industry to drastically reduce its global emissions rapidly and cost effectively. And we are working closely with partners in France and other key markets to accelerate the industrial deployment of these technologies.

“In that work, we have been grateful for the co-operation and support of the Irish and French governments, and the support and recognition we have received from NetworkIrlande, the Franco-Irish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”

Pictured above: Ecocem’s Managing Director, Europe, Conor O’Riain accepting the award