Sisk supports development of a new sustainable agriculture in partnership with Green Restoration Ireland

Ireland’s largest construction company, Sisk, has in partnership with Green Restoration Ireland (GRI) completed a day preparing a site in Co. Offaly for sowing season.

This will help to develop a new sustainable form of peatland agriculture for the productive use of wet and rewetted peatlands.

The project is one of Ireland’s first two ‘wetland farms’ at Tumbeagh, Co. Offaly. Since the works have commenced at the site, the water table has been raised on about three hectares of former peat pasture avoiding 30-40 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Ponds have also been created for biodiversity and a series of adjustable dams have been installed to regulate the water level across the site.

Sisk’s involvement in this project is a key target of its wider sustainability roadmap to establish sustainable partnerships that support the successful restoration of peatlands. Over ten volunteers from Sisk took part in the project which saw them clean a peat field of weeds in preparation for these agricultural experiments.

Alan Cawley, Sustainability Manager, John Sisk & Son said: “We are delighted to once again be partnering with Green Restoration Ireland for this exciting new project developing a new form of agriculture. We appreciate the positive impact we can have by volunteering in sustainability projects such as this one. Support for the restoration of our peatlands is one of our key initiatives on our sustainability roadmap. It is great to see the positive impact that our employees can have.”

Dr Doug McMillan, Green Restoration Ireland said: “How do we keep producing food while restoring our peatlands? The solution is paludiculture, and we are delighted that Sisk is working with us to meet this key sustainability challenge for Ireland.”