Complete freedom of design with ALSAN liquid waterproofing systems from Soprema

Robust and versatile, ALSAN PMMA and PU liquid waterproofing systems from Soprema offer specifiers and contractors a reliable, flame-free waterproofing solution.

Perfect for both new-build and refurbishment projects, ALSAN systems are suitable for waterproofing flat and pitched roofs, details and upstands, balconies, decks, floors, stairways, walkways, wet rooms, ramps and car parks.

The ALSAN range consists of PMMA and PU resins and includes a wide range of products – primers, fillers, sealing, waterproofing, hardwearing and finishing layers and accessories – which allows us to offer a variety of bespoke system build-ups, which will match the specific requirements of your project.

The ALSAN finishing layers are available in a wide range of RAL colours with special finishes such as ALSAN QUARTZ SAND, ALSAN DECO CHIPS or ALSAN 970 CR (used for cool roof systems), allowing the creation of unique-looking surfaces that are completely watertight. Fast-curing and flame-free, ALSAN systems can be quickly and easily installed on projects where time is of the essence and use of flame is restricted, while creating a reliable and robust waterproofing solution, offering the best performance and visual results.

ALSAN systems are fully compatible with Soprema’s other solutions, including bituminous and single-ply waterproofing and roof garden systems. Additionally, products such as ALSAN FLASHING and ALSAN FLASHING QUADRO can be used for waterproofing junctions between horizontal surfaces, up-stands and various roof details to ensure a seamless waterproofing application.

At Soprema, we believe every project is unique and with a wide portfolio of products we are able to offer a variety of bespoke liquid waterproofing system build-ups, which will perfectly match your specific project requirements. Our technical experts will take into account the application, use of the area, predicted traffic, budget and time constraints offering proposals for the most suitable system.

Additionally, you can rely on Soprema for the complete solution, including extensive technical service and support throughout the project from specifications, calculations, detailed design, onsite support, warranties and BCAR sign-off.

If you would like to learn more about the ALSAN product range and our bespoke liquid waterproofing systems, please visit our website or contact our technical experts.

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