Achieving airtightness with SOPRASEAL STICK air barrier range from Soprema

Designing and constructing a solid, energy-efficient building, which will not cause trouble for the owner means using high-quality materials and systems to protect the entire building envelope from external elements.

Using air barriers to achieve airtightness and prevent air leaks is a perfect way to protect walls and façades from air leakage – a common issue concerning the building envelope, which can cause problems ranging from low building energy-efficiency, condensation build-up inside walls, mould growth and lower air quality inside the building to efflorescence occurring and the building fabric deteriorating over the medium to long term.

Air leaks are caused by air pressure moving from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. This is why continuity is the most important element for air barriers.

To ensure the building envelope is as airtight as possible, a high performing air barrier system should be installed.

Air barrier systems should meet five criteria:
1. Be impermeable to air flow
2. Be continuous over the entire building envelope
3. Be able to withstand the forces that may act upon the building envelope
4. Be durable over the expected lifetime of the building

SOPRASEAL STICK air barriers from Soprema is a specially designed range of self-adhesive vapour permeable and vapour/air barriers to suit any project. SOPRASEAL STICK self-adhesive air barriers can be applied without the use of primer on most substrates (such as masonry, concrete, wood and gypsum), allow for an easy installation, and seamlessly adhere to the building surface. Available in different roll sizes, SOPRASEAL STICK air barriers are suitable for the exterior continuous insulated wall assembly and the hybrid insulated wall assembly.

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