Wavin adds black cover and frame to its innovative WAJ following customer feedback

Wavin has always been known for innovation and for over 40 years one of its leading products has been the Wavin Access Junction (WAJ), as part of a Wavin sewer and drainage system, providing access to 110mm and 160mm diameter pipe.

Developed and launched in Ireland its attraction spread rapidly to other countries. It continues to be the market-leading Access Junction on the Irish market and one of Wavin’s most successful export products.

Now, in response to customer feedback, Wavin has introduced an addition to the WAJ range in the form of a black frame to match the cover of the WAJ110, which adds to the aesthetic options of the system.

Mindful of the drive to ensure visible products are aesthetically compatible with their environment, the WAJ black cover and frame, rolling out in June, blends with black hard landscaping surfaces.

Commenting on the WAJ, Wavin customer, Magna Construction, said: “Everywhere we have a bend or a downpipe we install a WAJ. With inlets and outlets at the same level, it is easy to rod.  WAJ is triple-sealed and has a structural integrity that brings peace of mind.”

The Wavin Access Junction range provides access from surface level to a maximum depth of 600mm and is available in 10 flow profiles for the 110mm diameter and in 4 flow profiles for the 160mm diameter. All are complete with Wafix seals.

The range of flow profiles along with the same inlet and outlet invert level minimises the risk of blockages. All the inlets and outlet have the Wafix triple seal which provides a superior water-tight seal whilst facilitating flexibility of installation misalignment up to a 5 degree tolerance. The Wavin Access Junction base, riser, cover and frame are manufactured from PVC-U, which is a robust material to meet the requirements of the typical construction environment – for a fit and forget solution.

Other key features and benefits of the WAJ include:

– Multiple options for maximum installation flexibility

– Fast, easy installation: no wet trades

– Lightweight: no lifting equipment required

– Push-fit shaft sections: one or more can be used to achieve required invert depth

– Final shaft section can be cut to required length

– No additional trench excavation required.

The WAJ complies with EN 13598-1:2010 and Building regulations – Part H to maximum depth of 0.6m.

For further information about the WAJ visit wavin.ie or to listen to customer testimonials visit wavin.ie/waj