New below ground green seal innovation from Wavin widens choice and adds to environmental protection

Wavin has long been an innovator in the use of underground and overground pipe and fittings to contribute to sustainable, healthy environments

It has now developed a new technology to provide added protection from trees that may be planted close by in residential areas.

Called RootSeal Technology, it repels tree roots which solves a number of challenges for architects, specifiers, developers and planners. RootSeal Technology enables drainage systems to be future-proofed by using a naturally sourced inhibitor to harmlessly repel tree roots and to reduce the risk of damage and upheaval.  It also removes the disruption and environmental cost of repairing or replacing drainage systems damaged by tree root ingress.

The inhibitor is embedded in a new easily identifiable green coloured seal acting as a natural force field.  It deters roots from penetrating the pipe fittings, reduces the intensity of root growth around the socket and seal while having no other impact on the roots, surrounding soil or wildlife

RootSeal Technology provides an extra level of safety and can extend the life of a drainage system. It was developed by Wavin and the scientifically proven inhibitor has been independently tested.

Michael O’Donohoe, Wavin’s Country Director for Ireland says, “As more and more trees are being planted in residential settings below ground there is an increasing interaction between tree roots and drainage systems that carry the very thing that trees are seeking to survive; water, air and bio-nutrients.”

“RootSeal Technology addresses this issue by building an effective inhibitor into the pipe seal itself to repel roots, inhibit ingress and leave both pipe and tree undamaged.  It builds on the existing Wavin seal technology. In the coming months, we will begin the roll-out process, as a no-cost enhancement,  which will ultimately see RootSeal Technology introduced to our full range of underground pipes and fittings”

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