Wavin launches Tree Tank Solution for urban spaces

Wavin, a leading manufacturer of drainage and plumbing products, has announced the launch of its innovative TreeTank solutions to support climate-resilient cities and bring more nature into urban environments. The TreeTank ensures trees can be easily and effectively integrated into urban areas without disrupting vital infrastructure.

By incorporating more trees into designs, city planners and local authorities can improve local air quality, reduce the growing urban heat effect, boost biodiversity and improve wellbeing. Trees can also play a key role in urban stormwater management, reducing the volume of rainwater entering the old drainage networks of many towns and cities in Ireland.

Trees should be considered as a key component of any sustainable drainage system (SuDS), however engineers struggle with the conflict for roads and paths that require the compaction of the ground and Trees that require an uncompacted growing medium to allow sufficient space for tree roots.

The planting of trees has long been a burden for those working in planning and infrastructure, with several common issues cropping up when using traditional banks or pits at the side of the road. Unpredictable growth can lead to trees damaging adjacent pavements, roads and even nearby buildings. The lack of space for tree roots to grow safely and productively also impacts the health of the tree, reducing the positive impact they can have on the area.

Wavin’s TreeTank  – root chamber system; provides the space within which the uncompacted growing medium is placed whilst providing sufficient support for pedestrian paths and walkways. The modular system manufactured from 100% polypropylene with a service life up to 50 years is adaptable to any situation. The Wavin TreeTank directs roots away from the surface and deep into the ground.

Wavin has trialed its TreeTank through several pilot projects alongside contractors and provincial authorities across Europe and the solution is now available in Ireland.

John McPeake Technical Sales Manager at Wavin Ireland commented: ‘At last Landscape Architects and Engineers have a real solution to accommodate Trees in Urban Areas, and the TreeTank is another tool for SuDS drainage systems in the battle to prevent climate change.

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