Chadwicks Group launches free National Tradesperson Check to help tradespeople prioritise their health

Three-quarters of tradespeople have made changes to lead a healthier lifestyle over the last year and 73% say that COVID-19 has made them more health conscious. That’s according to new research from Chadwicks Group, one of Ireland’s leading Builders Merchants.

The research of over 600 tradespeople examining attitudes to health and wellness finds that while many are trying to be healthier, there is still room for improvement. Half say they don’t go for a regular health check up and 1 in 5 admit to working through illness so they don’t fall behind on a job.

The survey was carried out to the launch Chadwicks Group annual National Tradesperson Check (NTC) which provides customers with a free health check in branch in partnership with HealthWatch. The health screenings cover; BMI, blood pressure, and finger-prick test gauging the total cholesterol and glucose of the patient.

Now in its second year, the NTC is taking place in 18 Chadwicks Group locations nationwide including Chadwicks, The Panelling Centre, Cork Builders Providers and Telfords for the month of October. A full list of participating branches can be found at

The first NTC will take place on Monday 4th October at Chadwicks, Thomas St and customers can book their free NTC across the country by visiting Registration is simple and quick, and the health check takes just 15 minutes.*

Shouldering the pain

According to the Chadwicks Group research, a fifth of tradespeople work a minimum of 60 hours a week and three quarters (76%) consider their occupation physically demanding. Given the long hours and the physical nature of the job, it’s perhaps no surprise that half (49%) regularly suffer from aches and pains as a result. 77% say they have had to attend a physio for work related pain and just over two thirds (69%) have missed a day of work due to joint pain.

The most common ailments for tradespeople are:

  1. Back pain (80%)
  2. Overall body stiffness and achiness (58%)
  3. Knee pain (50%)
  4. Shoulder pain (36%)
  5. Neck pain (27%)

Of those that suffer with aches and pains over half (55%) say they don’t do anything to address the issue.

Introducing Chadwicks Flexi-Time

To help tradespeople across Ireland manage their aches and pains, as part of this year’s NTC campaign, Chadwicks Group has teamed up with Sports Physio Ireland to create ‘Chadwicks Flexi-Time’ a short stretching routine designed specifically for tradespeople.

Chadwicks Flexi-Time consists of five bitesize videos which will be available on the Chadwicks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages from 4 October. Each video has been designed specifically to address the issues tradespeople face and can be done at any time of the day to help alleviate muscle tension.

Launching this year’s National Tradesperson Check, Chadwicks Group ambassador and resident builder on RTE’s Home Rescue, Peter Finn said now more than ever tradespeople need to prioritise their health.

“Working in the construction industry is a physically demanding job at the best of times but as the country has been reopening, the demand for tradespeople has been huge so we’re all working longer hours than ever before trying to get through the backlog of work from various lockdowns. A lot of us in the industry are also self-employed so, it’s no surprise that the research shows that a fifth of tradespeople have worked through illness. This makes it even more important to look after ourselves and take time out of our busy schedules to prioritise our health.

What’s great about The National Tradesperson Check is that it’s taking place in-branches nationwide so it’s convenient for the trade. Many of us make a couple of trips to our local Chadwicks on any given day to pick up materials and supplies so by booking in and taking 15 minutes while in the branch to get a health check done is not a huge time drain. I would urge all the hardworking tradespeople across the country to book in for their free health check today.

I am also really looking forward to giving the Chadwicks Flexi-Time classes a go. The research shows that aches and pains come with the job so it’s great to have some specific stretching routines which are designed solely with our profession in mind. I know some sites do incorporate stretching into their morning routine so myself and my crew will definitely be giving it a go on the site.”

Patrick Atkinson, CEO of Chadwicks Group said: “This is the second year of our National Tradesperson Check and we are delighted to expand these health checks to 18 locations across the country during the month of October.

At Chadwicks Group, we understand that tradespeople are working extremely long hours and finding time to look after their health can be a challenge. That’s why we have designed the NTC with the tradesperson in mind. The health check is free and just takes 15 minutes and can be done to coincide with a time that a customer is in-branch picking up supplies. We would urge all our customers to take 15 minutes out of their day and prioritise their health this October.”