Mercury invests in the Verity enterprise software solution for construction verification

Mercury has purchased an enterprise license for construction verification software, Verity, through Topcon Positioning Ireland. The purchase represents a significant enterprise deal for Verity software in Europe, according to Adam Box, business development manager for building construction at Topcon Positioning Group.

The software from ClearEdge3D allows operators to process and analyse 3D point clouds for verification analysis and as-built surveys.

Box said, “Mercury has a strong European presence and is already using the software on projects across the continent to streamline construction workflows, eliminate errors and delays, and accelerate productivity. The purchase of the enterprise licence demonstrates their commitment to adopting digital construction processes and means the company can implement the very latest in construction verification technology — through multiple users throughout the company — on all of its clients’ projects.

“The software enables the user to verify construction accuracy in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take to spot check just five percent of the structure. This saves vast amounts of time, helps to avoid costly rework and helps keep projects on, or even ahead of schedule,” Box said.

Ciaran McManus, Surveying Manager at Mercury, said, “We’ve been using ClearEdge3D’s Verity for the last two years and have found it to be the perfect solution for analysing as-built conditions and checking deviation against the model. Having seen such strong results compared to previous methods, we wanted everyone in the business to have access to the software, so we purchased the enterprise license. Verity offers accurate validation, helping us to get a much better impression of the quality and progress of the build, as well as incredibly valuable reporting options.”

Mercury has used the software on a variety of projects already, including extremely specialised builds. McManus added, “We’re currently working on a project in Ireland with a considerable BIM team, and the software helps us to validate and redline the project at every stage. What’s more, the support from the Topcon team has meant that the implementation of the software has been seamless — there’s always someone at the end of a phone to help us with any issues.

“As an industry, construction is viewed as being behind the curve with new technologies and approaches. At Mercury, we’re continually investing in the latest technologies and want to work together with the industry to support the adoption of digital approaches such as construction verification technology.

Box added: “The software offers immediate indication of construction quality, allowing the user to continually compare installed elements to the design model. This allows for a continual ‘live’ representation of the design model, helping identify installation deviations early, reducing risks to budgets and schedules and increasing project profitability by avoiding rework. The tight integration of Verity to other Topcon technologies also creates an efficient, holistic workflow.”

Declan Byrne, Technical Sales Specialist at Topcon Positioning Ireland, worked alongside the Mercury Engineering team on implementing the Verity software. He said: “It’s been brilliant to work with the Mercury Engineering team, and to have their trust in us and the Verity solution to help them reach their targets and improve processes on current projects. Once the team saw the benefits on one project, it was fantastic how immediately they actioned getting Verity on board across the business.

“Having a local and dedicated team at Topcon was definitely helpful for the Mercury team. We are confident this is just the start of a long-lasting partnership with Mercury and we’re excited to see the time and cost savings they’ll experience on its projects as a result.”

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