Stelrad Launches ‘Fit For The Future’

In recent times, the race for more efficient heating systems has been paramount in the industry and we’ve seen the arrival of combi boilers and then of condensing, modulating boilers, the development of far better heating controls, energy efficient pumps and a wider range of more effective radiators.

The development of lower temperature heating systems, utilising renewable heating appliances – such as ground source and air source heat pumps – has given the heating sector another challenge, but it’s one it has risen to and is able to respond to effectively. It’s key to remember that radiators are all compatible with all heating systems – traditional and renewable – when sized correctly.

On the radiator front, as well as developing aesthetically pleasing radiators, Stelrad has developed models and series that meet specific requirements, including a whole range of special application products that offer additional robustness in certain applications, that offer additional rust resistance in areas of high humidity or are ‘safe to touch’ – LSTs – and improve safety for elderly, young and vulnerable people.

But it’s in the area of low temperature heating generated by environmentally friendly heating options like heat pumps that arguably, Stelrad has achieved most. It has developed and enlarged its series of K3 radiators – three panels and three fins on a radiator footprint that is scarcely larger than a traditional K2 design. This range has recently seen three more of its most popular designs released in K3 format and it has added larger radiators to most of its ranges to allow the radiators everyone has grown used to, to be relevant to lower temperature systems.

Stelrad has developed a wider range of vertical radiators too, adding a huge number of new designs and sizes to the range helping to provide the larger radiators needed by the renewable heating options, but vertical radiators with a much-reduced horizontal footprint to slot into smaller wall areas in a room, to provide the levels of heat required without taking up large wall areas that will cause confrontation with furniture in the rooms.

Much thought has gone into the latest radiator developments and it’s all to ensure that the radiators available from Stelrad are ‘fit for the future’ – able to continue providing the levels of heat required in homes to keep everyone comfortable ….and cosy. Stelrad continues to provide the leading heat loss calculator and radiator sizing tool free of charge via its website. It’s simple to use and after a couple of projects will become second nature to users. Visit to see more about the ‘Fit for the future’ campaign and prepare for the changes that are happening now.