New mobile command centre for managing major gas incidents

Gas Networks Ireland’s new investment is one they hope they rarely have to use. The new state-of-the-art Mobile Command Centre based at the Networks Service Centre in Dublin will provide a vital field base for managing incidents and coordinating emergency response activities nationally.

Always ready to respond, the vehicle may be mobilised to site in the event of an incident on the gas network, a network outages, severe weather events, crisis management and emergency exercises.

It will act as an operational management hub and base for communication with the public, stakeholders, Gas Networks Ireland staff and other crisis management teams.

“We’re delighted to have our new mobile command centre up and running. It is a vital resource for effective incident management. If you smell gas at home or on the street, please call 1850 20 50 50 immediately,” Gas Networks Ireland Senior Incident Manager, Declan W. Burke, said.

The vehicle is fully kitted out with high performing IT infrastructure and technology and is ready to respond on location. Weighing just 3.5 tonnes, it can be driven by any Gas Networks Ireland employee with a Category B car driving licence.

It features an internal 240v power supply from an on-board generator and office space equipped with toilet, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, four fixed workstations with printing and scanning functionality, a 43” motorised television and wall mounted webcam for video conferencing, with a best in class, specialised antenna that increases 4G internet range, speed and throughput.

On the outside it has a 32” high bright monitor to display public messages and facilitate coordination of field response personnel.