CIF Trades and Apprenticeship Survey 2020 – Focus on Wet Trades

The CIF commissioned the Trades and Apprenticeship Survey 2020 with a focus on Wet Trades to investigate the causes and implications of the low numbers entering wet trades (Bricklaying, Floor and Wall Tiling, Painting and Decorating and Plastering).

The objective for commissioning expert research was to fully understand whether the current model is appropriate for the sector or simply requires a new approach.

The research, carried out by Dr. Róisín Murphy, undertook a multi-stakeholder analysis, to determine the causes and challenges facing wet trades and apprenticeship in Ireland.

The report proposes six recommendations and addresses an apprenticeship model review, education and training, Government supports, company engagement, marketing and awareness, and registration/recognition of skills.

Danny Murphy, Chairman of the Alliance of Specialist Contractors, who sought this report identifies the next three steps:

1. Carry out an analysis to determine what skills are required by the sector over the medium term and to what extent – An independent review of the current apprenticeship model for wet trades should be undertaken on an individual trade basis

2. Put appropriate supports in place funding the new structure

3. Address the needs of the employer and provide supports for companies to engage with the new training system

The CIF thanked Dr. Roisin Murphy, Senior Lecturer, TU Dublin for undertaking the research.

Download the Survey here.