Kingspan achieves CDP ‘A List’

Global building industry leader Kingspan has been commended for its climate action this year, achieving a place in the CDP ‘A List’ for climate change. This is the fourth time that Kingspan has earned a top spot on the CDP ‘A List’, and out of the thousands of companies which disclose their environmental data, this recognises Kingspan as among the top 2% of corporate leaders on climate action and transparency.

Kingspan has been recognised for its actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and help to develop the low-carbon economy, largely through its long-running Net Zero Energy Programme. In 2011, Kingspan announced a 2020 target to match 100% of its operational energy use with renewable energy. As part of this programme, Kingspan also joined the Science Based Targets initiative, setting a target of 10% absolute reduction in Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions. Kingspan is on track to achieve its Net Zero Energy programme goal, having implemented numerous significant energy-efficiency and on-site renewable energy generation projects across its global portfolio of manufacturing sites.

Gene Murtagh, CEO of Kingspan said: “Kingspan is honoured to be included in the CDP ‘A List’ for climate change for the fourth time. Since 2011 we have dedicated ourselves to the fight against climate change, through our Net Zero Energy programme. Indeed, since our foundation as a business we have been committed to driving energy-efficiency in buildings through our products and systems. The further launch of our Planet Passionate strategy with its ambitious 2030 targets last year reinforces our continued commitment to driving a sustainable approach across our business operations and into our products.”

CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognised as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency.

Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP, said: “Congratulations to the companies that achieved a position on CDP’s A List this year, for leading in environmental performance and transparency. The scale of the business risks from the climate emergency, deforestation and water insecurity are vast – as are the opportunities from addressing them – and it’s clear the private sector has a vital role to play at this critical time. The A List companies are leading the market in corporate sustainability, tackling environmental risks and setting themselves up to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.”

As part of Kingspan’s ongoing sustainable business focus, the company launched its Planet Passionate strategy in late 2019. The major 10-year programme will assist Kingspan to play its part in reducing the world’s carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, as determined in the Paris Agreement, and contribute towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Circular Economy is another area of focus in Planet Passionate, and Kingspan upcycled 256 million PET bottles into its insulation in 2018 and has committed to upcycling one billion PET plastic bottles per annum by 2025.

The Planet Passionate strategy is made up of 12 ambitious targets, addressing the impact of Kingspan’s business operations in four key areas of energy, carbon, circularity and water.