Xtratherm launches new Part L briefing note

Xtratherm has recently published a technical briefing note which gives guidance on how to comply with the latest version of Part L of the building regulations for dwellings.

This follows the recent Part L update of the Irish building regulations. The new briefing note offers a clear, detailed explanation of what these new standards mean and how they are met in DEAP. It provides details on the changed minimum ‘backstop’ U-values for building elements, and explains the necessity to improve upon these worst case values in line with the Government’s own compliance examples.

The report also includes an example of a typical house type with detailed specifications showing how it might pass or fail the new regulations.

The Xi Briefing note on Part L is part of a suite of white papers that includes guidance on Part F ‘Ventilation in the Building Regulations 2019 – Technical Guidance Document’.

For more information and to download the briefing note please visit www.xtratherm.com