Out With The Old, In With The New – VELUX® Replacement Guide Helps Homeowners Upgrade Roof Windows

VELUX® has launched a new campaign aimed at educating homeowners on the benefits of replacing their old roof windows with VELUX roof windows to help them realise the potential of their homes.

Recent research by VELUX found that many homeowners are looking to replace or modernise their existing windows this year. However, many of these homeowners will be focusing on cost rather than quality when it comes to upgrading or replacing windows.

To help homeowners with the process of finding the ideal replacement for their existing roof windows, VELUX has created an online replacement guide (http://www.velux.co.uk/replacement). In five easy steps, homeowners can find the perfect VELUX roof window to replace their old roof window. The five steps are as follows:

  1. Identify the data plate on your roof window
  2. Based on your data plate, select model and size of your roof window
  3. Select your preferred method of operating the roof windows (manual or automated)
  4. Select the finish of your new roof window (white-painted, white polyurethane, or pine-finish)
  5. Select the glazing of your new roof window (noise reduction, maximum energy efficiency or toughened glass for extra safety)

Once these steps have been completed homeowners will be served with a list of recommended products and their delivery times.

Grant Sneddon, Daylight Expert at VELUX, said: “We know that many homeowners are reluctant to go through the process of updating or modernising their roof windows. That’s why VELUX has launched this campaign, to show people just how easy replacing old roof windows can be. By going through our five simple steps online, homeowners can find the exact product to match their requirements. And having offered the same range of roof windows for the last 40 years, it is usually very easy to find a direct size match. In most cases, the work can be carried out inside the home, without disrupting the internal finishes and without scaffolding, in as little as four hours.”

The four key benefits of replacing old roof windows with new VELUX roof windows are:

Better insulation: When it comes to keeping heat inside your home, an old roof window, even in good condition, is no match for a modern VELUX roof window. VELUX ThermoTechnology™ features innovative high performance materials, meaning less energy is used and warmth is kept in the home.

Glazing to match your needs: Homeowners can also now choose from a much wider range of glazing options, including enhanced noise reduction – ideal for getting a better sleep. We also offer things like privacy glazing which is perfect for use in bathrooms, and triple glazing for when energy efficiency is a concern.

A choice of operation methods: For those difficult to reach roof windows, VELUX INTEGRA® electric and solar options have transformed how homeowners control their daylight and ventilation, including features like automated rain sensors which gently close windows when inclement weather is on its way.

Matching modern décor: Famous for its pine clear lacquer roof windows, VELUX last year introduced a new range of white-painted roof windows as standard to match contemporary tastes for bright and light interiors. The white-painted surface reflects more natural light than darker surfaces and matches other interior colours better.