Safegard Systems appointed sole distributor of RFT manufactured EIS rated fire dampers

Due to recent customer demand Safegard Systems now offer, along with its standard Actionair dampers,  a comprehensive range of European Style Fire & Smoke/fire dampers.

Since January 2016  Safegard have been appointed sole distributors for the RFT range of EIS rated dampers in Ireland. RFT based in Belgium have been producing dampers for 23 years and specialising in fire rated dampers.

The RFT damper range includes: All dampers CE certified, Manual fire dampers with externally resettable action (EIS rated), Motorised Smoke/Fire dampers (EIS rated),  Visual inspection hatches as standard on all rectangular dampers, Visual inspection through endoscope plug on circular dampers, High operating temperature dampers, Atex rated dampers, Easy conversion from manual to motorised at any stage,  Single side installation versions available, RFT offer the widest range of tested installation methods for floors, rigid and flexible walls.

Safegard Systems offer the full complement of dampers for the HVAC system including smoke/fire, vcd, smoke, shut-off, high temperature, access doors etc. Safegard’s V4 damper control system is designed, software written and manufactured by Safegard in Ireland This world class addressable damper control system, Safegard V4, has been recognised as the most advanced damper control system available globally. It is now exported throughout Scandinavia, central Europe and into the USA.

Safegard Systems is the market leading specialist provider of fire rated dampers and damper control & monitoring systems in Ireland and the UK. Safegard offer the full complement of manual and motorised fire / smoke dampers both ES (UK style) and EIS (European style). Safegard Systems also offer full on-site commissioning and handover service, after sales service & preventative maintenance contracts both in Ireland and the UK provided by their own locally based and directly employed staff. For more information visit