Alan Mossman to deliver one-day Lean Construction talk in Dublin on Thursday February 11th

Alan Mossman will be delivering a one-day overview of Lean Construction in Dublin on Thursday February 11th.

Alan Mossman is a passionate adviser on lean transformation in design and construction, Alan trained as an architect and then in management and organisation development.  He has worked as a socio-technical systems consultant since 1988 only returning to construction in 2001 building on his knowledge and understanding of collaboration, systems thinking, variation, quality and lean.

Based in UK, he has coached design and construction teams implementing lean thinking for clients in Europe, North America, India, Southern Africa and Australasia.

An occasional author (e.g. and teacher of lean construction (e.g. Loughborough U & Nottingham Trent U) and researcher. With colleagues in the Netherlands he has developed a simulation to help projects teams experience the rudiments of Last Planner ( ).

has developed a simulation to help project teams experience the rudiments of Last Planner ( ).

A regular speaker and facilitator at Lean Construction conferences and seminars in the US and Europe, Alan helped create the Lean Construction Journal and is now Editor-at-large.

He also hosts a number of Lean construction groups on LinkedIn (e.g.

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